2016 Full Year Solar Production

Happy New Year! In 2016, my solar system produced 8328 kWh. The cumulative total so far is 23948 kWh. Visit my solar production tracker page for more details.

Since it takes about 1 lb of coal or 10 cu ft of natural gas per kWh of power, so far my production has offset nearly 24,000 lb of coal or 240,000 cu ft of natural gas. 240,000 cu ft is about the volume of a dozen houses.

I’m on the Dominion Solar Purchase program, which surprisingly still has room! My production so far with the 15c/kWh from Dominion amounts to nearly $3575 in earnings.

We are also doubling our solar array. More info soon.

My Articles at Seeking Alpha in the Last Month

Over Thanksgiving weekend I was busy writing articles at Seeking Alpha and submitted three of them. I missed being called names and arguing with random folks online. Here are some highlights:

State Of The Top 4 Solar Module Makers

Attack Of The Tesla Killers?

Hats off to the editor that came up with that title instead of my boring one. The first comment on the article:

Great article Siddharth. Posters will be coming out in droves to call you names.

And they did come out in droves and did not disappoint in their criticism.

Tesla’s Rapidly Growing Market Share In The U.S.

Commenters came out in droves for this one too!

Major Paris Highlights in One 10 Hour Layover

After reading tons of blog posts about what to do in Paris on a long layover, we happened to discover the perfect metro route with most exchanges at major tourist spots. Follow this and you’ll be able to see Sacré-Cœur and Montmartre, Arc De Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame in one convenient route from Charles De Gaulle airport. We left our bags at Baggage Du Monde at the airport for 7€ per bag. I also recommend that you buy the Paris Visite tickets from the information counter at the terminal because there were long lines at the ticket vending machines for the metro.

Step 1: CDG to Sacre Coeur

Take the RER B from CDG to Paris. Get off at Gare Du Nord. Take M4 from Gare Du Nord towards Porte de Clignancourt. Get off at Chateau Rouge. When we went Chateau Rouge was temporarily closed so we went one stop later at Marcadet – Poissoniers and switched to M6 upto Abbesses. This is also the stop for the Funiculaire de Montmartre. There were lots of signs to Sacre Coeur on the streets.

Sacre Coeur

Step 2. Sacre Coeur to Eiffel Tower via Arc De Triomphe

Walk from Sacre Coeur to Anvers metro and take the M2 to Charles De Gaulle Etoile (metro stop for Arc De Triomphe)

Arc De Triomphe

From Charles De Gaulle Etoile take M6 to Trocadero. Thanks to this very helpful blog post, we discovered that Trocadero is the ideal location to click pictures with the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower

Step 3: Eiffel Tower to CDG via Notre Dame

From Eiffel Tower, either walk to Bir-Hakeim metro or from Trocadero take M6 to Bir Hakiem. From Bir-Hakeim, take RER C to St. Michel-Notre Dame.

Notre Dame

From Notre Dame, take RER B back to the airport. Done! We left the airport around 10:00 and were back at around 3:30PM. So if you have more time, you might just be able to squeeze in going into one of the places. We did not feel rushed at all and had enough time for lunch and a portrait at Montmartre.

Happy traveling, hope you enjoyed this blog post about something other than my solar power production or yogurt :).