March Solar Production – 714kWh and One Year of Solar Power – 8622kWh

Here are my solar production numbers for March. 714kWh (at inverter). 711kWh (at Dominion meter). PVWatts estimate was 675kWh. Cumulative power production as of Mar 31 is 8901kWh (8859 at Dominion meter). More details here.

In one year, from April 1 2014 to March 31 2015, the system produced 8622 kWh (measured at inverter), 8589 kWh (measured by Dominion meter). This compares to 7372 kWh estimated by PVWatts.

January 2015 Solar Production – 490kWh and 2014 in review

Here are my solar production numbers for January. 490kWh (at inverter). 489kWh (at Dominion meter). PVWatts estimate was 505kWh. Cumulative production as of Jan 31 is 7565kWh (7529 at Dominion meter). More details here.

In 2014, from Apr to Dec, the system produced 6796 kWh (measured at inverter), 6763 kWh (measured at Dominion meter) compared to a PVWatts estimate of 5767 kWh. Since the system went live in March it produced enough power to pay for over 8% of its cost (after the expected Federal rebate).

Beware of the “Greek Style” Yogurts, especially Vegetarians

One of the most popular posts on this blog is my old post about gelatin in yogurt. The pictures from that post are lost but people still come and visit that regularly from searches about gelatin in yogurt.

I have been meaning to post an updated version of that page after I found that Greek Yogurt is yummier and does not contain Gelatin. But, I have been outsmarted. Manufacturers are now making “Greek style” yogurt, whatever the heck that means, and hiding the word style in fine print. See this shining example from Muller (made by Quaker, owned by Pepsi) below:

Greek Style

So you have been warned. What really needs to be in Yogurt is just this (picture shows Chobani yogurt):

Chobani Ingredients

Photo credit

Milk and cultures. That’s it. No corn starch. No whey powder. No gelatin. Nothing but milk and cultures. No wonder that Chobani guy is a billionaire.

No crap even in flavored varieties:


As a comparison, here is Dannon Oikos: