Beware of the “Greek Style” Yogurts, especially Vegetarians

One of the most popular posts on this blog is my old post about gelatin in yogurt. The pictures from that post are lost but people still come and visit that regularly from searches about gelatin in yogurt.

I have been meaning to post an updated version of that page after I found that Greek Yogurt is yummier and does not contain Gelatin. But, I have been outsmarted. Manufacturers are now making “Greek style” yogurt, whatever the heck that means, and hiding the word style in fine print. See this shining example from Muller (made by Quaker, owned by Pepsi) below:

Greek Style

So you have been warned. What really needs to be in Yogurt is just this (picture shows Chobani yogurt):

Chobani Ingredients

Photo credit

Milk and cultures. That’s it. No corn starch. No whey powder. No gelatin. Nothing but milk and cultures. No wonder that Chobani guy is a billionaire.

No crap even in flavored varieties:


As a comparison, here is Dannon Oikos:



Misadventures in Dominion Virginia Power Solar Billing (Update: Fixed)

If you are following my solar posts, you know that our solar system is doing well and producing enough power for our bills to be negative in sunny months like now. Well, imagine my surprise when I suddenly get a bill of +$95 (on 7/8) instead of about -$40.

Then when I call to complain, they take the bill down and repost a new one with a balance of $240 (on 7/11)!!! Now the bill is so completely messed up that I can’t even begin to describe the nonsense going on.

So be warned. If you get on the solar purchase program where you need two meters, be prepared for some nasty shocks. I’ll keep this post updated with my time wasting battle to be billed correctly.

Update: 7/14 4:30PM: Dominion emailed me a copy of the final corrected bill and it is -30$. Also updated the original post with previous bill dates. I also discovered that Dominion twitter is very responsive.

Stupid Design I – Frigidaire Gallery Dishwasher

frigidaire bad design splash guardI’m hoping to start a series of articles on poorly designed stuff with this article after I noticed that this is the third time the problem has occurred.

Our Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher, supposedly the quietest dishwasher in it’s class (what a joke) had it’s quiet pump die in the first few months and was replaced under warranty with a new one that is noisy beyond belief. But this is not what this rant is about. We mostly time the dishwasher to run while we are asleep so the noise is not a big concern.

After about a year of use, I was really lucky and noticed that a tiny rubber tab called “splash guard” near the bottom inside the dishwasher was ripped. A little bit of Googling led me to find a lot of complaints about leaking dishwashers thanks to that tab breaking. Also the placement of that tab is exactly where the wheels of the bottom tray slide. So basically it is intentionally placed in a way that it will rip and the dishwasher will leak.

So 12$ later, I find myself with a couple of new tabs, which lasted under a year. Essentially 12$-$15 every 6-12 months to fix a design defect in the dishwasher. Thankfully we don’t have other problems that people have with this dishwasher yet.