The Nook_ColorColor Nook has an LCD Panel, not color eInk, not Mirasol, not Pixel Qi. So disappointing. I guess the wait is on for next year for a good color eReader. After reading so many articles from the last two years about color eInk like displays just being around the corner, it is disheartening to see an LCD in an eReader.

3 thoughts on “Color Nook has an LCD”

  1. I had the same hopes, particularly for the Color Nook to have a Mirasol display. Would have made sense because there were announcements about manufacturers using the technology either Q2 of 2010 or Q1 of 2011.

    At any rate, for BN to not only change the purpose of the device from an e-reader to an e-reader/tablet-like device more challenging to an iPad, but also to go from e-ink to LCD is beyond ludicrous!! Sympathies..

  2. Yeah I also read about the Delta Vivitek eink reader coming in December to China. So B&N had options for a color eInk screen. There is also the Fujitsu Flepia, expensive but available. Now I just have to wait for the Notion Ink Adam I guess.

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