My Articles at Seeking Alpha in the Last Month

Over Thanksgiving weekend I was busy writing articles at Seeking Alpha and submitted three of them. I missed being called names and arguing with random folks online. Here are some highlights:

State Of The Top 4 Solar Module Makers

Attack Of The Tesla Killers?

Hats off to the editor that came up with that title instead of my boring one. The first comment on the article:

Great article Siddharth. Posters will be coming out in droves to call you names.

And they did come out in droves and did not disappoint in their criticism.

Tesla’s Rapidly Growing Market Share In The U.S.

Commenters came out in droves for this one too!

Upcoming Chinese Solar Stock Earnings

I believe that the top solar module makers – Trina Solar (TSL), Canadian Solar (CSIQ), Jinko Solar (JKS) and JA Solar (JASO) (who is the manufacturer of the panels on my roof) are all severely undervalued. Canadian Solar pre-announced better than guided shipments and margin.

Here is my take on the others at Seeking Alpha:

I expect an earnings beat from all of them as their net income/MW is rising along with the rising shipments.

net income per megawatt

mw shipped

Disclosure: Long JKS, JASO, CSIQ, TSL

Tesla Earnings: All About 2016

Early AM today, Seeking Alpha published my take on Tesla’s earnings. To summarize, Q4 was a miss but this year is expected to be great as customer deposits for buying Tesla’s kept growing and reached a record $284 million and guidance was great. The much anticipated Model 3 unveil is on March 31.

Since I wrote the article, Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted on Twitter that Model 3 deposits start in stores March 31 and online on April 1.

Disclosure: Long TSLA.