Tara Thai Charlottesville Review

We tried the new Tara Thai at Barracks Rd this weekend and were completely disappointed with the food. The soup we ordered was lukewarm (not even close to hot). When we complained, they heated it up for us in a microwave for a few minutes. After that it was ok and decent tasting.

The food we ordered was all cold too. We could hear them cooking it and we were sitting about 10 feet from the kitchen so it can’t have become cold in transit. Maybe they just stir fry stuff and dump in cold readymade sauce? and maybe they don’t stir fry long enough for the vegetables to become hot? After complaining again and being served microwave heated food, the temperature was ok. Still not hot but tolerable. Even the fried Tofu was cold. I’ve never had fried tofu cold in a dish before. Taste wise the food was mediocre and the dish I ordered was overly fishy. I threw away the leftovers because when I heated them up later at home they smelled bad. All in all a bad experience. I’ll stick with Thai 99 on JPA and Lemongrass at the corner for good Thai food.

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Restaurant Review Time

Saturday, we drove down 29S to Colleen to eat at Thai-Siam (the much praised Thai takeout place south of Lovingston) and the food was good – similar to Thai 99 but with some dishes not available at Thai 99. The place is mostly a takeout joint and the food is probably like Thai home cooking.

Yesterday, we ate at Mamma-Mia! – the Italian place at the corner of Preston and Grady. We eaten there often and I can say that they have amongst the best Italian food in Charlottesville. It’s a great quiet place to eat because it is genrally never crowded (a shame since the food is so good).

Pad Thai Review

A few weeks back, I tried out Pad Thai at 156 Carlton Rd and was totally disappinted. I’m always excited when new Thai places open up but I will not be eating at Pad Thai again.

We picked up dinner just after work and the taste was less than average for a Thai place (every other Thai place I have eaten in Cville and otherwise has had better food). Also the dinner portion still left me hungry after finishing everything. The amount of food in the take out box looked like the amount of leftovers I normally have after a meal at Thai 99. Not that Pad Thai was cheaper than the other Thai places either! So bad food + not enough food! I say stick wiht Lemongrass or Thai 99 at JPA for great Thai Food.

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Lemongrass – New contender for the best Thai in Cville

Ate at Lemongrass at the Corner on Friday and can’t get enough of their Spicy Lemongrass Tofu, which the chef says is a dish he invented. Since the restaurant opened, Parchayi and me have been there atleast twice a month. I would highly recommend trying Lemongrass out. Students get a buck off the lunch specials.

My only complaint with Lemongrass is their tiny dinner portions – they are about the same as the lunch portions.

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