Wah Taj – Indian Chinese in DC, Hot Breads and more

We were in DC last weekend for our skin test (got an RFE from USCIS for that – even though we had submitted negative xrays last time and we are known positives for the skin test) and ate at Wah Taj, which is the complex neigboring the one with Minerva and Curry N Kabob.

The Indian Chinese at Wah Taj was fantastic – the Chili Paneer was exellent and reminded me of Bombay and the rest of the chinese food was really good to. We also got takeout Indian from there and that was also good but not really spectacular.

The next day we ate at Hot Breads in NoVA, which was a disappointment after the excellent experience with Hot Breads in Richmond the previous weekend. The NoVA one didn’t have much of a menu, no dosas, no Indian Pizzas, just a few sandwiches and Pav Bhaji. The Pav Bhaji was just ok, the sandwiches were also just ok. The Richmond Hot Breads dosas were good and Pizza was also nice.

An update on Curry N Kabob, our old favorite in Herndon from a friend who lives close by – he stopped going there because he once found a cockroach in his food. Yikes! It still tastes as good though but eat at your own risk.

On Sunday as a change from spicy Indian food we went to a brunch place called “Waffle King’s Virginia Kitchen” and I have to say I have never eaten such bad waffles. My waffle was chewy and leathery – I would rather eat a Frozen toaster waffle than this again. I though it might just be mine but everyone elses waffles were the same. The only good thing here was the fresh sqeezed orange juice.

Masala Wok – Herndon, VA

Parchayi and me were both excited to hear that Masala Wok, an Indian Chinese chain opened up in Herndon. We’ve been missing Indian Chinese food anywhere close by and last weekend while we visited a friend in Northern VA, we paid a visit to Masala Wok.

I ordered the Masala Wok Spicy (description – Paneer stir fried in a zesty szechuan sauce), which turned out to be a shocking pink strange looking curry with Paneer and a mismatched collection of vegetables not even close to the szechuan sauce that we are accustomed to as Indian Chinese. Once I overcame the gross misuse of food coloring, I tried it and it was really bad. So I can’t recommend this dish at all.

Parchayi ordered the Ginger Masala – Chicken seasoned with spices cooked in ginger sauce – which looked better and tasted slightly better than mine but I would call it mediocre at best.

Our friend ordered the Biryani and that was average according to him. He recommends visiting Curry N Kabob for the best Biryani in the DC area and I have to agree. Curry N Kabob has fantastic food.

To the owners of Masala Wok, may I recommend a visit to Seattle to try out Inchin’s Bamboo Garden in Redmond to eat some real Indian Chinese.

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