Windows 7, please just charge my damn laptop when it is plugged in

Once every few months, Windows 7 decides that it doesn’t want to charge my laptop while it is plugged in. Initially I thought something must be wrong my machine. A quick google search for “plugged in not charging” revealed that this is a problem with Windows Vista and 7 and happens to almost any laptop of all makes and models and the fix involves Uninstalling the “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery” from Device manager and rebooting to reinstall it.

Get Rid of Adobe Reader, Flash is next?

adobe I’ve been using Foxit for some time (maybe a couple of years) now because Adobe Reader had become a bloated piece of crap that slows down my machine, crashes browsers and uses way more resources than it should.

But now Adobe has gone one step beyond just making a crappy product – they want to covertly install other crappy products that you didn’t ask for. Click the image on the left for a screenshot of the Adobe reader download page. It wants to install “ on Adobe AIR” (no option to opt out) and McAfee Security Scan Plus (you can opt out by checking the box). Adobe has gone so far as to do this with Flash too and that even installs McAfee without giving the user an option to deselect it.

windows security centersecurity scan plus1McAfee Security Scan Plus is just a piece of crap software that gives you the same information as Windows Security Center i.e. if you have your Antivirus, Firewall etc. turned on. If not (or sometimes even if you do), it tries to sell you McAfee stuff.

So do yourself a favor, uninstall Adobe Reader now and get Foxit Reader. Foxit also seems to have fewer security issues and it patches holes faster. It doesn’t annoy you with startup items, doesn’t install other crap without your knowing and is much smaller in size.

So far I haven’t been forced to get anything with Flash upgrades but it that happens, Flash is next to go. And thanks to Steve Jobs and his hatred for Flash, more and more websites are begining to move to HTML 5 or at least begining to offer that option. Adobe really needs to get their act together. I’ve been hit by a fake antivirus at work from what was possibly a flash (or maybe pdf) exploit and it is nasty. If McAfee suddenly appears on my machine out of the blue along with Adobe reader, how does one tell it apart from the Fake AV software?

VMWare + Win 7

win7 running in VMWare I just got Windows 7 installed and running in VMWare Server 🙂 IT took a while to install but is running pretty smoothly. The only app I installed so far is Opera 10 Alpha. As I add more and play with it a little more, I’ll make some new posts in the near future.

BTW it is Win7 64 bit and the host OS is XP 32 bit!

Kubuntu 8.10!

Kubuntu 8.10 Intrepid IbexAll this while I’ve been using Ubuntu on my Thinkpad and have been very happy with only a few minor complaints such as the non-functional multi-monitor utility and compiz fusion not working until 8.10. Now I decided to give KDE a try so I installed Kubuntu-desktop and logged into KDE 4.1!!! Oooh drool!!! The unreleased Windows 7 (scroll down to milestone 3) is already behind. See my new desktop after a few minor tweaks and adding a few plasmoids (screen widgets).