Solar Production Tracker

I’ll try to keep this page updated every month with our solar production and compare it with the PVWatts estimate of expected generation. For more details about our solar system (6.93kW of panels, 6kW inverter), visit my blog post about finding solar installers in Charlottesville. For a more detailed financial analysis of solar production in Virginia, see my post on that at my other blog. There is a slight discrepancy between the solar inverter numbers and the dominion solar generation meter, which also I’ll keep track of.

Month PVWatts Estimate 2014 Generation (Inverter) 2014 Generation (Solar Meter)
January 505
February 425
March 675 279* 277*
April 695 850 847
May 742 928 923
June 689 941 936
July 705 928 923
August 661 794 790
September 581
October 731
November 473
December 490

*System went live March 19. So March production numbers represent a partial month.

April 2014 was the first full month of production.

Cumulative Production as of Aug 31 2014: 4720kWh at inverter (4696 at solar meter)

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