Separate the Movies from the Books

That is Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher, the character in my favorite series of books. Here is what Jack Reacher looks like in the books:

Name: Jack Reacher (no middle name)
Born: October 29th
Measurements: 6’5″, 220-250 lbs., 50″ chest
Hair: Dirty-blond
Eyes: Ice blue
Clothing: 3XLT coat, 95 cm. pants’ inseam

Other than that, Reacher owns almost nothing and doesn’t like to drive. Definitely doesn’t wear fancy clothes. Definitely would not have to budge even 0.1″ trying to hold on to random dude.

Reacher is a “wall of muscle”. Tom cruise on the other hand is shorter than me. I completely forgot about this announcement from a few months ago until I saw the trailer which reminded me again of the absurdity of the casting.

Couldn’t they just get The Rock?

I guess I have to keep my book life separate from my movie life. Try hard to imagine the movie as completely separate from the books.

If you are a Reacher fan disappointed by Tom Cruise being Reacher and laughing at the stupid camera angles in the trailer, here is a youtube comment that sums everything up:

“Tom cruise play jack reacher is like a black midget play Thor”

P.S. Here is a picture of The Rock (Reacher height exactly) next to Mark Wahlberg, who apparently is the same height as Tom Cruise (according to Google):


The Internet Book Database Book Information Widget

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These are examles of the iBookDB Book Information widget. They are aligned by putting them in divs. To align left I used

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