Panoramas in 1000 x 288 WordPress Headers

Here are some WordPress headers for the Twenty Eleven theme or any theme where you can customize the header size (like the new Twenty Twelve theme).

These are a few Panoramas made from pictures that I have taken over the years:

If you are interested in the original high res panorama files, please comment on this post to contact me. If you would like to use these as headers, feel free to do so unmodified and with the copyright notice intact.

1000 x 288 WordPress Custom Headers

Here are a few headers made from pictures I have taken and use at the top of this blog. Feel free to use them as your theme headers as long as you keep the copyright notice intact. If you would like to use them for some other purpose, please comment on this post or contact me for permission. Click the Images below for a full size version.

1000x288 WordPress Header 1000x288 WordPress Header1000x288 WordPress Header

1000x288 WordPress Header